Empowering Our Teams for Success

A group of diverse people posing inside a warehouse and smiling towards the camera
Monday, August 21, 2023

Within Crown, we maintain an unwavering commitment to valuing our employees and empowering our teams for success. Fostering a culture of empowerment translates into an environment where our teams can feel valued and inspired.

We firmly believe that success is a direct reflection of collective efforts and dedication, and as our teams are the driving force behind our achievements, it is important that we warmly welcome our new leaders in the Crown family and equip them with the tools to succeed.

In this respect, CROWN Bevcan EMEA organizes an annual seminar close to one of our locations to welcome any newly appointed managers. The seminar allows our new members to meet the European senior management team while receiving an in-depth overview of all functions of the business through engaging presentations. By communicating our core values and the intricacies of our business strategy, the seminar provides the new managers valuable knowledge and insights for the start of their journey within Crown. It also offers an enriching platform for fostering collaboration and team building. The connections formed during the event undoubtedly strengthen collaboration and teamwork across our EMEA locations.

A group of people wearing high-visibility vests, safety glasses, and earplugs listening to a male-presenting person in a warehouse.

Additionally, our managers have the opportunity to visit the state-of-the-art plant close to the seminar’s location. The visit provides a firsthand experience of the technical and highly engineered processes that drive our industry. The new team can then witness the technology and breadth of our industry, as well as discover the precision and engineering behind our equipment and products. This exposure to the technical aspects of our industry further enriches understanding of our sector and Company impact.

This year, the seminar took place in Parma, Italy, and was a resounding success for the 20 newly appointed managers who gained significant business knowledge and raced across the town of Parma during an exciting team-building orientation course. Every year, the seminar is a fantastic opportunity to build a cohesive team and a strong foundation for future growth—and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of this year’s participants for their active engagement and dedication throughout the event.