Mental Health and Well-being are Core Values at Crown

A large group of people spell out the word CROWN against a backdrop of green and brown grass.
Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The health and welfare of our employees, both physical and emotional, are among our foundational values. Our commitment to this focus is demonstrated in many ways, including the Working Together pillar of our Twentyby30 sustainability program. This year, our facilities around the world have implemented a range of initiatives to emphasize the importance of taking good care of oneself and others within the Crown family. Our workforce is the key to our success globally, and a healthy working environment where every individual is valued and respected is of the utmost importance to us.

Our Wantage, U.K. site recently held our first Mental Health & Well-being Day. The agenda included healthy eating advice, spine checks, tips for sleep and stress management and education around anxiety and depression. The day was organized by our Mental Health Working Group, which was established after employees expressed interest in supporting one another in the aftermath of COVID-related lockdowns. Other activities organized by the group include webinars, mental health awareness talks for managers and employees, increasing awareness for the Company’s Employee Assistance Program, and collating and publishing mental health resources on our intranet. The group also conducts surveys to help inform the introduction of new resources and programming for employees. 

In addition to this work, we organized family days at our sites. During the family days employees, retired co-workers, and their families and friends could get together for a day of fun and learn more about their diverse backgrounds. In line with another vital element of the Working Together pillar – driving Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) within the Company – we ran several disability initiatives, including plants’ accessibility overview and shows performed by children with special needs. Initiatives such as these enable us to continue our evolution in terms of creating a more employee-centric organization, where D&I awareness is embedded in the organizational culture. We want our people to be authentic at work, and to encourage our top management to be D&I role models as a source of inspiration for all.

As an example, our Kechnec, Slovakia facility hosted an event that included a regional folklore performance by the Slovak and Hungarian community. Visitors could try out their skills in a blacksmith’s shop, and clowns created a variety of balloon characters for the kids. An artistic carver also created a wooden can with the Crown logo on the top. 

“We spent a nice sunny day with all our families and friends, talked to each other and had fun,” said Michal Kondrot, Human Resources Manager at Crown. “Even though we are diverse in terms of cultures, nationalities and religions, we agreed that we have a lot in common. At the end of the day, we celebrated our unity by creating the Crown logo and taking a photo of it.”

Our U.S. facilities also held numerous family days, cook-out events and health fairs to mark employee appreciation and boost personnel engagement. Crown plants in Kankakee, IL, and Toledo, OH, ran voluntary weight loss competitions to promote health and well-being. Ten participants from Toledo lost a combined 70lbs and an astounding total of 30% body fat. 

Bowling Green’s, KY, family day in September this year involved Hot Rods Baseball game, while Martinsville, VA, employee family day and celebration was organized in partnership with the local NASCAR racetrack. 

Our plant in Custines, France, also hosted one of the family days, which included fairground attractions and plenty of food and drinks. The organizers utilized the opportunity to communicate about metal packaging recycling, and our team designed a special aluminum can with an augmented reality experience to make recycling fun and engaging. 

We believe that an engaged workforce is critical to delivering great results. Drawing from diverse backgrounds fosters innovation and creativity, enhancing the products and services we can offer to customers. We look forward to continuing our efforts in boosting employee engagement, diversity and inclusion. Watch this space for future initiatives.