Supporting the World of Whisky

Ballantine's Blended Scotch Whisky
Friday, July 27, 2018

Get ready to celebrate! July 27th is Scotch Whisky Day, offering the perfect opportunity to enjoy this popular spirit and learn about its versatility. Over the years, the distillation process has been refined, and some might say perfected, by a growing number of distillers in Scotland. The end result is what many would refer to as the national alcoholic drink of choice. 

Whisky and metal packaging have a long and distinguished relationship, with many leading brands – as well as smaller, lower volume distilleries – opting for the premium look and feel of tinplate. Metal suggests that the product within is worth protecting, and with a wide range of options in terms of shaping, sizing and decoration, it is possible to create truly custom packaging options.

Crown works closely with a number of Scotch Whisky Brands, all of whom recognize the value of metal packaging as a promotional vehicle. This value stems, in part, from the exciting innovation being introduced to the market. For example, we have launched one-of-a-kind round-to-square tins, incorporated photo quality designs and have pushed the boundaries of embossing and debossing to enhance the feel of a package when a consumer takes it off the retail shelf. Our wide variety of decorative finishes and effects help brands further elevate their designs, incorporating everything from crackle and perforations to highly advanced holographic foil technology.

Metal also has unbeatable sustainable credentials. It is 100% recyclable and can be used again and again without any loss of properties – although given the shapes and designs we are now able to create, it is more likely the empty tin will be kept as a keepsake. 

The creators of this iconic drink have dedicated their careers to producing only the finest quality products for the wider world to enjoy. It is fitting that an entire day has been dedicated to it, and that a premium, high quality packaging format has been widely adopted to house, protect and promote it.