Turkish Water Brand is “Kristal Clear” on Sustainability Messaging

Several aluminum beverage cans with Kristal branding moving through a conveyer belt.
Thursday, December 15, 2022

Kristal Kola (Kristal) is to launch the Turkish market’s first canned water brand, with a clear mission: deliver a high-quality product that will contribute to creating a better, more sustainable world. The natural spring water is derived from a sustainable source, and from the outset the company was determined to deliver it in packaging that complemented those credentials. As a result, aluminum beverage cans were selected for their infinite recyclability and ability to remain within the material-to-material loop indefinitely. 

We were chosen to produce the 100% recyclable cans in a 330ml size and consult on the package’s bilingual messaging to help educate consumers about the format’s sustainability attributes, such as the energy savings to be gained from using recycled material. Our team worked closely with Kristal’s creative agency, Welcome Ajans, to incorporate the messaging and utilize the appearance of the raw aluminum to its full potential. A matte varnish also adds a premium feel to the package. 

Developing water packaged in cans is an innovative step taken by Kristal Kola, which has been producing beverage products since 1994, and the initiative is expected to be well-received by consumers. The sustainability goals of the two companies are aligned and our solution-oriented approach and production quality support ensured the final product packaging was of the highest possible quality. 

We are proud to support sustainability efforts like these to increase consumer awareness about the recyclability of beverage cans.

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