In today's high volume, fast-moving market, you need more than just attractive, eye-catching promotional packaging on the store shelf.

You also need support at every step in the production process of a decorative tin from concept through consumption. Crown offers a comprehensive array of technical and market support services for custom product packaging for brands, giving them a significant competitive edge and helping accelerate time to market.

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Customer Technical Service

Crown's Customer Technical Service (CTS) organization provides expert technical advice to help you maximize your production capabilities and ensure the highest quality finished product. Our CTS team includes multiple technical advisors that can consult on all aspects of decorative tins and provide on-site support for all your plants across the globe.

Seaming Training

Seaming is the most critical – and demanding – element of a metal can production line, as it prevents leaks, quality issues and costly product recalls.

For customers in Europe and the Middle East, we offer support in all aspects of the seaming process. In addition to state-of-the-art seam monitoring and tooling equipment, we provide you with a comprehensive training program on the very latest in seaming technologies for decorative tins.

Product/Graphic Design & Consultancy Services

Whether you are facing structural, visual, or handling challenges with your custom product packaging, at Crown, we have the expertise to help you find a solution. 

Our work with global and national brands has given our design teams a wide scope of knowledge about metal tins that helps you turn creative visions into market reality. Our in-house graphic designers start by rendering your product portfolio in a virtual environment, after which we can apply brand designs to the existing shapes and evaluate how different graphics and visuals will impact multiple package designs. From there, we can generate mock-ups of the final design for you to evaluate before moving on to the printing and package forming process.

Compound Development

Compounds are specially formulated and applied to the interior of promotional packaging to enable sealing onto a container and provide barrier performance.

Our R&D facilities in Wantage, England, Lancaster, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois are responsible for the development of new compound technology and the improvement of formulations already in use on metal decorative tins. All facilities are staffed by world-class experts in chemistry and microbiology who possess knowledge of chemical and food safety regulations around the world.

Pilot Facilities

Being first to market with a new product is essential for success in today's competitive marketplace. 

Lengthy testing processes can often delay product development, as they occupy valuable line space and slow production of existing products. To help you overcome this challenge, Crown offers access to fully equipped pilot facilities for packaging and decorating technology at our main research, development and engineering center in Wantage, England.

At our pilot facilities, we can conduct extensive testing on new packaging products in an environment that replicates the conditions in which that packaging is filled, processed, used and handled by our customers. These pilot facilities, along with the use of computer aided design (CAD) and modeling, enable us to greatly reduce promotional packaging development time scales and increase the success rate of new products in the marketplace. 

Our pilot facilities offer expertise in:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Analytical modeling
  • Advanced materials evaluation
  • Process monitoring
  • Food science
  • Packaging performance
  • Pack testing

We also have strong New Product Development teams in many of our plants around the globe, ready to transform your design brief into reality. With expertise in embossing and metal effects, and access to fully-stocked tool rooms, these teams work together to provide a solution, cost quotation and physical prototype in a very short amount of time. Tooling is manufactured in-house, so any modifications and new samples can also be made very quickly without having to send packaging back to central facilities for redesign or adjustment.

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