Vintage is the New “Chique” - Crown Refreshes Century-Old Tea Brand Look

Crown Tins for Betty's Tea

Crown created a new tea caddy tin for the prestigious Bettys brand and inspired by Bettys’ famous Café Tea Rooms. Designed by Yorkshire artist Emily Sutton, the collectable tin depicts quirky 20th century illustrations of ladies having tea and of families, friends and lovers enjoying Bettys delights, set against a soft matt black finish that gives the container a unique, vintage look and feel. Embellished patterns and designs influenced by the Yorkshire surroundings and a golden satin lid add to the elegance of the tin, hinting at the unique flavor of the teas inside and underlining the quality associated with the iconic British brand.

The caddy contains a box of 80 bags of a rich, fragrant tea blend that is served daily in the six Café Tea Rooms found across the Yorkshire countryside. The metal container conveys the style of the first Bettys tea room opened in 1919 by the Swiss baker and confectioner Frederick Belmont, who came to England to further develop his craft. A distinguished and instantly recognizable presence on the retail shelves, the tin makes for an original gift and the ideal souvenir for English tea lovers around the world, who are looking to preserve fond memories of their Bettys experience.