Bruichladdich Adopts Refined Metal Packaging for its Botanist Gi

Bruichladdich - Botanist Gin

When Bruichladdich Distilleries needed a distinctive new tin for its Botanist drink, a small batch, artisanal Islay gin, it turned to Crown to deliver on its vision

Crown's creative European in-house design team worked alongside Bruichladdich to bring this simple and stylish tin to life, making use of advanced varnishing, printing and embossing techniques. The postmodern, yet classic design, features the brand name in crisp black font, offering stark contrast against the immaculate white embossing of the gin’s ingredients.

Metal is the perfect substrate for The Botanist brand, which prides itself on sustainable sourcing and production processes. Made in Europe and 100% recyclable, the metal packaging reinforces the quality of the product inside through the contemporary look and premium feel of the container. The tin makes for a sophisticated gift and a worthy keepsake that will keep the brand in the minds of consumers long after the product inside has been consumed.