Delivering Holiday Cheer with the New Løvely Glögg Blend

Løv Organic - Glögg Blend

Løv Organic partnered with Crown to market its new organic infusion offering, Løvely Glögg, in premium metal packaging. Glögg - known in many English-speaking countries as Mulled Wine - conjures up all the cosy warmth of a Scandinavian Christmas.

Løv Organic shared specifications and designs with Crown’s creative team, which delivered high quality tins that reinforce Løv Organic’s commitment to producing aesthetic packaging that stands out on the shelf and entices consumers. 

The container is a metal, clip-top tin, finished in red with gold detailing. The detail includes snowflakes, Santa Claus, reindeer and pine trees – among other festive symbols – with a striking white dove motif at its center featuring the Løv Organic logo. The whole twinkling finish is redolent of a Christmas bauble, which aims to appeal to the consumer’s inner child.

The Løvely Glögg tin is the perfect packaging style for this infusion blend and the use of 100% recyclable steel highlights both Crown and Løv Organic’s commitment to producing truly sustainable products. Løv Organic has partnered with Crown on several projects as the two companies share an ethos to contribute positively to the circular economy. This latest tin may also be reused as a keepsake, long after the product inside has been consumed.