Employee Development

It is our philosophy that the most fulfilling and successful careers are those supplemented by constant learning and training, as well as exposure to new experiences and opportunities. It is our duty to provide those pathways for growth to our workforce and ensure they can take advantage of continued education and development. Our training offering includes both required and voluntary programs taken in classrooms, online, on the job or in partnership with academic institutions. A few examples include:

  • E-learning courses on a range of topics, including Leadership, Communication, D&I, Digital Transformation, Project Management, Supply Chain and Sales & Marketing
  • Lean Manufacturing training and Six Sigma certification
  • Tailored management programs proposed at different stages of our employees’ careers
  • Specific management and leadership skills journey for our potential executives
  • Supervisory training for Operations Supervisors and Managers
  • Financial understanding training for non-financial employees
  • Comprehensive “Train the Trainer” program to accelerate learning techniques
  • Tuition reimbursement for employees pursuing degree-related programs
  • Compliance training on topics including anti-corruption, Employee Code of Conduct and non-harassment

In addition to training, we acknowledge that valuable learning experiences come from stepping into new functions within a role, participating in multifunctional teams and navigating challenging job tasks. To help immerse our employees in these kinds of opportunities, we offer a variety of international assignments, customized training and division-wide interaction.