TRESemmé Expert Selection

Catching the attention of consumers walking down a crowded hair care aisle, filled with several dozen unique brands, can become quite the challenge. With only seconds to spare, brands have to do all they can to stand out and make a connection.  Understanding this challenge, Unilever partnered with Crown to introduce their new TRESemmé Expert Selection premium hair spray line. The new line was created to appeal to a variety of hair types, styles and consumers of all ages with salon-quality formulas in offerings under Platinum Strength™, Youth Boost, Perfectly (un)Done and Keratin Smooth ranges.

Crown provided Unilever with two unique features to maximize the introduction of the TRESemmé Expert Selection hairspray line. The first was utilizing a new can size that was different from previous TRESemmé hairspray cans. The 52mm diameter can not only provides a modern, sleek look, but is also a unique size compared to similar brands in this market. In addition, Unilever worked with Crown's Midwest Graphics Lithography Center to develop a super matte varnish and paired it with segmented high-gloss highlights – a concept not commonly seen in three-piece aerosol can printing. The unique finish, combined with the new height, is attractive and will lure consumers to want to pick up the can and feel it for themselves. Unilever’s TRESemmé Expert Selection premium hairsprays can now be found in select retailers everywhere.

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