Coca-Cola Singapore Promotional Crown Cans

As Singapore marked its 50th birthday (SG50) in 2015, Crown supported Coca-Cola SIngapore to celebrate the milestone year with eye-catching beverage packaging designs that  reflect the festivity of the national jubilee. Leveraging our leading technology and innovation, Coca-Cola established metal packaging as a platform to commemorate SG50 with consumers nation-wide in fun and creative ways.

Coca-Cola Singapore released a series of limited-edition bottles and cans featuring commonly-used local phrases and expressions, such as ‘Auntie’, ‘Hubby’ ‘Relak Lah’ and ‘Gam Siah’. Leveraging our variable printing technology, which allows up to twelve versions of a design to be printed in a single run, the highly-popular cans served as a means for consumers to connect with one another during SG50 and celebrate the bonds that weave Singapore together as a nation.