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Your privacy is important to us. This privacy notice applies to the personal information we collect from you. It will always be available in its most up-to-date version and free of charge on the website ( in the "Privacy Policy" menu.

This Policy applies to individuals (natural persons) who interact with Crown and cover our data collection activities.  

Some of the links on this site may lead to other Crown websites or external sites with their respective privacy notices that have different purposes. Please read carefully all privacy notices of the websites you access.

For the purposes of this specific privacy notice, the data controller is Crown Embalagens Metálicas da Amazônia S.A. (referred to in this policy as "Crown Brazil"). We are developing the necessary mechanisms to ensure that your rights are guaranteed. Please, wait for further updates to this Policy.

This website is managed by Crown Holdings Inc. (referred to in this Policy as “Crown” or “Crown Group”).


Personal Data and Information We Collect

Website user

During your interaction with Crown, we may collect various types of personal data about you. Please, check for further information on the following link:

Sensitive Personal Data

Crown Brazil does not normally deal with personal data deemed sensitive in accordance with applicable law, so we do not intend to collect or process sensitive personal data in the normal course of your interactions with our products or services. When there is a need to process your sensitive personal data for any reason, we will obtain your prior, express, and formal consent for any processing that is voluntary. If we process your sensitive personal data for other purposes, we will support ourselves on the appropriate legal bases.

Personal Data of Children and Adolescents

Crown Brazil does not solicit, collect, process, store or knowingly share personal data of children and adolescents under the age of majority, without having the consent of their legal guardians, clearly and objectively requested, informing the purpose for the use of the data.


Cookies are used to improve the use and functionality of Crown-compatible websites and other web services and to better understand how our visitors use our websites and online services. For more information, please, check the Crown Website Privacy Policy:

How We Use Your Personal Data and Information

The following items describe the purposes for which Crown Brazil collects your personal data. Please note that not all forms of collection and use below will be relevant to all individuals and may apply only in specific situations:

  • Comply with contractual obligations.
  • Respond to requests from regulatory bodies or legal obligations.
  • Answer your questions and comments.
  • Provide you with information, products or services that you have requested or that we realize may interest you unless you tell us otherwise.

With Whom We Share Your Personal Data

We may share your information in order to provide you with products or services that you have requested, if we have a legitimate interest in doing so (e.g., managing risks, verifying your identity, combating fraud, abuse of our website or services), or where you have consented to share. We share your personal data, when necessary, with the following groups:

  • Internal entities: include companies that are part of Crown Group. The sharing of personal data can occur when the group requests information from Crown Brazil or when it is necessary to report to the Group.
  • Service providers: include external companies that are used by Crown Brazil to assist in the operation of our business.
  • Credit analysis, debt collection, and financial services agencies: information is shared to assist and verify the status of your credit or to collect overdue payments.
  • External entities: compliance with service requests such as sharing data with the Post Office.
  • Regulators: In situations in which we are under a legal obligation to disclose information in the public interest (e.g.: to prevent or detect fraud, abuse of our website or services).

Crown Brazil does not license or sell your personal data to third parties for their own marketing purposes.

About the Storage, Retention and Termination of the Processing of Your Personal Data

We may retain your personal data for the time required by our local Data Protection legislation – (LGPD: “Brazil General Data Protection Law”), until the end of your personal data processing or for the period necessary to conduct our legitimate interests based on the guidelines of the Law.

When the deadline for the processing of your personal data ends, your data will be eliminated within the technical limits of the activities, unless there are legal justifications for the retention of such data and authorization for them to be kept.

The end of data treatment will occur when it is identified:

  • The purpose of the personal data processing informed in the consent, if there is any, is achieved, and there is no longer a need to process the personal data.
  • The holder who previously provided consent to the use of his/her personal data has requested revocation of the consent.
  • Legal determination.

You have the right to request the deletion, review, update, rectification, portability and review of automated decisions of your data when you deem necessary, however, it will be performed only if it is in accordance with legal obligations.

Transfer of Your Personal Data

Given the nature of our business, we may have to transfer your personal data stored within Crown Brazil to third parties in accordance with the purposes set out in this privacy policy. For this reason, we may transfer your personal data to other countries, as long as they have laws and regulations compatible with those in force in Brazil, and as long as the transfer is carried out on a legal basis or consent of the holder.

Security of Your Personal Data

Crown Brazil takes appropriate measures to ensure that your personal data is kept confidential and secure (Access Policies, Information Security Policies, Antivirus, among others). We raise our employees' awareness of the privacy topic (including the service providers), internal procedures, access controls, responsibilities and best market practices. However, due to the inherent nature of the Internet as an open means of communication, we cannot guarantee that the information stored will be absolutely protected from unauthorized access.

About Your Rights Regarding Personal Data

You have many rights in relation to the personal data we have about you. These rights include:

  • Access to data: Receive in a complete, simple and clear way the details of the personal data that is held by Crown Brazil.
  • Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data: Request the correction of your personal data, once they are incomplete, inaccurate (wrong) or outdated.
  • Anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary, excessive or non-LGPD (Brazil General Data Protection Law) data: request that your data be deleted. “LGPD” allows us to use options other than disposal, if it is not possible to eliminate data. These options are: blocking or anonymization.
  • Data portability: Receive your information in a structured and accessible format so that you can transmit this data to another entity without limitations imposed by Crown Brazil.
  • Deletion of personal data processed with the consent of the holder, except as permitted by the LGPD: Request the deletion of your personal data from Crown Brazil's database even though you have provided consent for the retention of such data, and Crown Brazil may retain it only on the basis of some purposes that are defined by the LGPD. 
  • Information of the public and private entities with which the controller made shared use of data: Request Crown Brazil to inform clearly and objectively with which public or private entities your data is shared, and what the purpose of this sharing is.
  • Information on the possibility of not providing consent and on the consequences of the negative: be informed about the consequences of not allowing the personal data treatment that is carried out by Crown Brazil.
  • Revocation of consent, according to the LGPD: Revoke consent regarding the processing of your data previously granted to Crown Brazil. 
  • Petition in relation to your data against the controller before the ANPD: Complaint about any non-compliance with your rights to the National Data Protection Agency (ANPD). For this right, the request is made by you directly to the ANPD.
  • Request the review of decisions taken solely on the basis of personal data automated processing affecting your interests, including decisions designed to define your personal, professional, consumer and credit profile or aspects of your personality.
  • Request a review of processes that use automated decisions of your personal data processing in order to verify that these automated decisions are not affecting your interests or creating your behavioral profile. 

How to Apply for Your Rights

You may exercise your rights by contacting us through the form available on this website. An email will be automatically generated for our DPO.

Crown Brazil will receive and respond, within a reasonable time, any request or complaint about how you treat your personal data, including claims about your rights under applicable privacy and personal data protection laws.

More Details

On other matters regarding the LGPD, you can contact the Data Privacy Officer, Edilene Tisseu, by e-mail

This privacy notice can be updated annually, or as needed, and you can always find the latest version on this site.