Crown Highlights Benefits of Metal Packaging Ahead of World Whisky Day

Decorative Tins for Ballantine's Scotch
Thursday, May 10, 2018

As World Whisky Day approaches (May 19), whiskey lovers around the world are preparing to celebrate! However you enjoy your whiskey – with ice, water, in a cocktail or simply on its own – this unique holiday gives you a great excuse to explore this delicious spirit.

Crown works with some of the most iconic brands in the sector, including Ballantine’s and Chivas Regal. The Company works closely with all of its customers to produce decorative tins that enhance shelf appeal, a requirement in this notoriously competitive market. Chivas, for example, has leveraged the infinite possibilities for unique shaping – creating a tin that tapers from square at the bottom to round at the top – while Ballantine’s capitalized on the variety of decorative finishes available to create its latest ‘Artist Series.’

However you currently present your whiskey brand to the world, it is worth considering the value that metal offers as a promotional packaging option. With a variety of shapes, sizes and decoration options available, the format helps engage the powerful senses of touch and sight. Its 100% recyclability and infinite recyclability also delivers an unbeatable sustainability platform.