Leveraging Metal to Boost Cosmetic and Personal Care Brands

Square tin with a picture of a man holding his chin
Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Due to the sheer number of health and beauty brands that consumers can choose from, image and presentation have become central components in the ability of a product to succeed. For cosmetic and personal care products to compete effectively on crowded store shelves, packaging must go the extra mile and drive marketing strategies. The ‘beauty’ of an innovative packaging concept is its ability to establish a unique bond with consumers, which can ultimately add credibility, grow product sales and build brand loyalty.

Here are just a few ways that metal packaging can elevate cosmetic and personal care brands:

  • Offers Design Versatility

Metal is a versatile packaging material that can be leveraged to appeal to targeted segments of the consumer population. As the health and beauty industry continues to diversify by offering products for different genders, ages and lifestyles, the flexibility that metal packaging offers in terms of sizes and shapes can help visually convey a brand’s promise and distinguish them from the competition.

  • Conveys an Image of Quality

High-end cosmetic and personal care items can often be expensive. As a result, brands need to communicate to consumers that their products are worth the investment, whether through the ingredients used, messaging or packaging. Metal is an ideal material to communicate a sense of luxury and value to consumers. This is particularly true when it is used as the backdrop for the myriad of decorative enhancements and printing techniques that are available to convey elegance, quality and sophistication.

  • Prolongs Brand Exposure

Metal containers are perfect for gift sets, samples or cross-product promotions. Once the product is used, the empty container can be reused, which extends brand exposure and offers a strong marketing benefit.

  • Supports Sustainability

When emptied, metal tins can be infinitely recycled without any degradation in quality or performance. The inherent properties of metal make it a key contributor to the circular economy. Once the container enters the material-to-material loop, where it gets recycled again and again, it will always be available for future use.

Whether used to launch a new product or support a limited-edition promotion, metal packaging conveys messages of quality and luxury, making the format an ultimate match for cosmetic and personal care brands seeking to strengthen their market positioning.