Raise a Can for National Beer Day

Image of a beer can pouring beer into a glass
Thursday, June 13, 2019

Aside from tried-and-true water, beer is one of the oldest beverages in the history of humankind. The development of cereals for foodstuffs is the most likely source of its origins. The wild yeasts present in the air would start the fermentation process when the cereals themselves became wet, making pioneer craft brewers among those that were living around 12,000 years ago. It was doubtless a happy by-product of what was likely a basic diet, and a product that has been enjoyed ever since by each generation that has followed.

Of course the volumes have increased somewhat since then, with the craft beer market, in particular, seeing a strong growth spurt in the last few years. As we approach National Beer Day in the U.K. on June 15, statistics released by Zion Research show the craft market globally valued at an estimated U.S. $37,540M in 2018, with that figure expected to increase rapidly to U.S. $92,230M to 2025. 

Metal packaging has played an increasingly important role as the craft beer market has gained momentum. In the past years, thousands of products have been delivered into cans instead of being packaged in an alternative format, bringing the benefits of metal to large, mid-sized and artisan craft brewers alike. A lot of work goes into perfecting a craft brew, and the brewer would like nothing more than if that beer were to reach the consumer in the way it was intended to be – both in terms of condition and taste. The can ensures this is the case, providing a hermetic seal that protects against the two flavor and quality killers of beer – light, and oxygen.

In the UK this has certainly had an impact, as 72% of all craft beer sold in the last year has been packaged in cans. The report that supplied this statistic – PDF iconfrom EeBriaTrade - also notes that there has been a threefold increase in sales for breweries switching from bottles to cans and an increase in popularity of the 440ml format. Prior to 2017, when Manchester-based brewery Cloudwater switched to this larger size, much of the craft beer available in cans was packaged in the smaller 330ml size. Now, many producers are switching up and following Cloudwater’s example.

Craft brewers working with Crown can also take advantage of its award-winning graphics and customer technical support services. From the initial conception – be it a scribble on a beer mat or an epiphany in the shower – right through to the commercialization of the product, Crown can help craft brewers create a packaging format that reflects the quality of the beer within, providing expert advice on aspects such as design, decorative finishes, and color-matching.

Finally, we cannot overlook the added value metal brings in terms of green credentials. Infinitely recyclable and 100% recyclable, metal cans can go through the recycling process time and time again with zero loss of properties, with the same premium packaging traveling continuously around the closed-loop of the circular economy. So on June 15, raise a can to National Beer Day. The metal packaging will certainly have kept that beer in tip-top condition for the occasion.