The Value of Metal Packaging for Health and Wellness Brands

Monday, March 27, 2017

The global organic food and beverage market has been growing at an astounding rate and is projected to be valued at $211.44 billion by 2020. As part of the movement towards greater health and wellness, consumers are redefining the meaning of “healthy” and increasingly opting for more natural and organic foods as well as gluten- and allergen-free options.

Metal packaging plays a pivotal role in addressing the needs of this market. Food and beverage cans serve as natural barriers to air, light and moisture, protecting the integrity and nutritional value of the products they contain. The metal can also aligns with consumers’ desire to choose products that are better for the environment thanks to its unmatched sustainability credentials.

Advances in technology can help health and wellness brands deliver even more value, such as coatings that enhance packaging performance and track and trace capabilities. As consumer trends and desires evolve, brands must proactively provide products and the right packaging that meets their needs.

 View or download this infographic to learn more today’s wellness trend and the value metal packaging can offer.