Crown Holdings Wins Four Starpack Awards

Thursday, July 31, 2003

PHILADELPHIA, July 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Crown Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCK) announced today that several of its affiliated companies (Crown) have been recognized by the prestigious UK Starpack Awards. A Silver Award was given to Crown's European Beverage affiliate for the dynamic 24-ounce Heineken Keg Can™, which employs Crown's patented blow molding shaping technology. A second Silver Award went to Crown's Specialty Packaging affiliate for a unique round container for the launch of Altoids Sours(R) candies. A Bronze Award was given to Crown's European Food affiliate for the new Eole III™ Curved Tab™ innovation, designed to make canned products easier to open by seniors and children. Crown's Stockmeyer Soups package was also recognized for distinctive shaping, receiving a Bronze award for a cauldron-shaped soup can. The awards ceremony was held on Thursday, June 26, 2003 at the Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, in London.

The award-winning 24-oz Heineken can follows the resounding success of the original 12-ounce Keg Can created for Heineken. Crown worked closely with the company to develop a second container that would successfully benchmark Heineken's brand and create a "family" image. The uniquely shaped cans place Heineken's brand in a distinct category and have enabled the company to significantly increase sales and enhance its premium image. Crown's proprietary shaping process optimizes productivity and protects container strength, allowing them to withstand the rigors of filling, shipping and handling. A specific lacquering technology was also developed by Crown to ensure the shaped container provides extended shelf life and reinforces the container to prevent buckling throughout distribution.

Honored with a Silver Award for Innovative Packaging, Altoids Sours(R) state-of-the-art steel package effectively conveys the sophisticated and premium positioning of the brand to adult consumers. The logo and elements of the Altoids brand are precision-embossed directly onto the container, reminiscent of antique high-end styles. The strong color scheme, yellow on silver for Citrus or orange on silver for Tangerine, clearly identifies each flavor. The lid slips on securely to ensure product freshness and moisture resistance, and is easy to open with a gentle squeeze of the thumb and forefinger. At 78 mm in external diameter and 25.4 mm overall height, the package is designed for portability and fits conveniently inside the consumer's hand.

Crown's Curved Tab™ advancement incorporates innovative ergonomics and easy-open end technology to improve openability and meet the needs of specific consumer groups, such as senior citizens, the physically impaired, or children. The new tab adds a specially engineered curvature that makes it easier to place a thumb or finger under the tabs of Eole III™ easy open ends. It is also more accommodating for existing special tool aids designed for physically challenged individuals to open the cans. The new curved tabs are composed of 100% steel, and are fully recyclable. They are compatible with existing canning, filling, closing and processing equipment, making implementation simple for manufacturers and packagers.

Crown's "bulging" Stockmeyer Cauldron Soup cans were recognized with a Bronze Award for a groundbreaking design that maximizes brand impact and clearly differentiates the product on supermarket shelves. At the same time, the 800 g cans provide superior protection for the soups during distribution.

Since 1960, the Starpack Awards have recognized the best new innovations in packaging design and technology. They are awarded by the Institute of Packaging at their annual dinner for industry professionals.

Crown Holdings, Inc., through its affiliated companies, is a leading supplier of packaging products to consumer marketing companies around the world. World headquarters are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

SOURCE Crown Holdings, Inc.