Crown Honored With Eight Starpack Awards for Innovative Brand-Building Packaging™ Technologies

Friday, July 1, 2005

PHILADELPHIA, July 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Crown Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCK) (Crown) announced today that many of its affiliated companies have been recognized with prestigious Starpack Awards from the Institute of Packaging. Eight different Brand-Building Packaging™ technologies from Crown were honored at the awards ceremony held on Thursday, June 30, 2005 at The Hilton Hotel, Park Lane, London.

CROWN Closures Europe was recognized with multiple awards, including a Silver Award for the eye-catching metal closure used to launch Patak's new line of Patak Spice Express™ sauces. Created to appeal to younger, on-the- go consumers who seek faster ways to prepare flavorful Indian cuisine, the attractively decorated 70mm twist open metal closure gives the package a more vibrant, youthful look. The deep closure also creates a platform for side printing, further reinforcing the Patak brand name at point-of-purchase.

CROWN Closures Europe also received a Bronze Award for the innovative closure used by Centura Foods as part of a total brand refresh for Robertson's jam. New packaging for Robertson's entire line of jams is a key element of the brand's "Fruitier than Ever" campaign which also involves the introduction of creative new jam flavors. A range of deep twist open metal closures from Crown, boldly decorated in black and white stripes helps clearly retain the brand's iconic image, while providing a clean, modern look that distinguishes the Robertson's brand on store shelves.

CROWN Speciality Packaging was also the recipient of two awards, including a Silver Award, for a unique packaging and storage tin created for the launch of Bosch's new high-end IXO power screwdriver. The package features a finely detailed etching of a screwdriver, presenting an upscale, singular shelf presence. The metal package appeals to a broad range of consumers and underscores the durability and quality of Bosch products.

Also recognized from Speciality Packaging was a striking and sophisticated tin designed for the launch of Origins, a premium chocolate gift set for men, produced by renowned chocolatier Thorntons. The Bronze Award-winning package is decorated in gold hues to present a tone of luxury and features an embossed globe to underscore the fact that the gift set contains premium chocolates from all over the world.

A Silver Award was presented to CROWN Food Europe for an original, 100g single-serve steel pet food container designed for pet food producer, Covi. Pet owners simply peel back the package's easy-to-open, flexible lid, place the lightweight container on the floor and their pets can eat from it directly, eliminating the need to transfer food to a separate bowl. For additional convenience, a self-adhesive pad on the base of the container ensures it stays in one place, eliminating product spillage.

CROWN Bevcan Europe & Middle East was given a Bronze Award for a stylish 50cl aluminum promotional can developed for the 1664 brand from Brasseries Kronenbourg, part of the Scottish & Newcastle Group. Designed by world- renowned contemporary designer, Philippe Starck, the package is decorated with a new ink technology developed by Crown, which creates a "pearl-like" quality when rotated under light. The resulting effect adds a luxury appeal to the already successful Kronenbourg brand.

An innovative, easy-to-grip shaped can created by CROWN Aerosols Europe for automotive product specialist SICO, took home a Bronze Award. To launch a newly reformulated version of its KING brand tire repair and inflator, SICO selected this distinctively shaped container that creates brand recognition and facilitates product dispensing. The top and base of the aerosol container are decorated with a graphic resembling tire treads, clearly communicating the purpose of the product to consumers.

Finally, CROWN Speciality Plastics received a Bronze Award for a convenient 1.75 liter PET bottle, fitted pourer and closure made for William Grant's Blended Scotch Whiskey. The attractive PET bottle closely resembles glass in appearance, reinforcing William Grant's quality brand image. The package also offers significant supply chain benefits. Compared to the brand's previous glass package, the new bottle is less likely to break in the production process and significantly reduces package weight and transport costs - key factors for a product targeted for US export.

Introduced in 1960 and awarded annually, the Starpack Awards have become the British packaging industry's most prestigious awards. The awards strive to raise packaging standards in the UK by encouraging creativity.

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