Crown Recognizes Five Plants For Sustainability Successes

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Crown Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCK) (Crown) (, a leading supplier of metal packaging products worldwide, announced today the winners of its 2014 Chairman’s Sustainability Awards program to recognize leadership in the Company’s facilities around the world. Following the program’s inaugural launch in 2012, every two years winners are chosen in three categories – Economic, Environmental and Social – from among Crown’s global network, which now includes over 150 manufacturing facilities. 

The Economic Sustainability Award was designed to recognize actions and projects taken on by Crown plants that had a significant, measurable reduction in the Company’s use of resources, including energy, water, freight and fuel.

  • For 2015, Crown’s food and closures plant in Aprilia, Italy was given the award for its program to replace its end-of-life oxidizers with high energy-efficient ECO-TNV oxidizers on two coatings lines, allowing an additional two burners to be removed per line. By optimizing oven air flow in this way and implementing a stand-by mode to reduce gas consumption during heat up and change-overs, the facility was able to achieve significant energy savings and qualified for the Titoli de Efficienza Energia – an Energy Efficiency Incentive measure undertaken by the Italian government.

The Environmental Sustainability Award recognizes Crown plants that have demonstrated excellence in protecting the environment by minimizing the impact of the Company’s operations, reducing material consumption and improving recycling or reuse. For the first time, Crown has announced two plants as co-winners in this category.

  • Crown’s beverage can plant in Olympia, Washington was recognized for its continued reduction of hazardous waste – from 383,000 pounds shipped in 1995 to 412 pounds in 2013 and essentially zero in 2014. As a result, the plant has achieved “Small Quality Generator” status with the State of Washington and has also been recognized by the State with a “Safety Chemistry Champion” award.
  • In Europe, Crown’s beverage can facility in Amman, Jordan – an area that experiences extremely high water scarcity – was commended for its reduction of can-washer water consumption. By installing recirculation units in a critical section of its washers to eliminate the use of fresh water in this section, and by replacing washer nozzles with more efficient equipment to reduce the volume of water used, the plant reduced consumption by over 30%, seeing reductions in water usage and treatment costs.

Plants that demonstrate a significant impact on the well-being of their workforce and/or the local community are recognized with the Social Sustainability Award. For 2015, Crown has given the award to two facilities in its global network.

  • Crown’s beverage can plant in Sihanoukville, Cambodia was recognized for its partnership with the Don Bosco Technical School – both through a general sponsorship of students in the school as well as a specific in-plant training program for certain students focusing on industrial skills.  Not only does this project help to address poverty in a county where 19% of the population is poor, but the Company also benefits in that over 50% of the current Crown workforce are graduates of the Don Bosco school.
  • Crown’s CMB Engineering canmaking equipment facility in Shipley, United Kingdom was accredited for its Apprentice Program.  In addition to providing a continual inflow of highly skilled technical resources as well as “bench strength” for the organization, this program has been recognized internationally, twice winning gold in competitions against other high-tech companies in the U.K. World Skills contest.  Then in 2014, CMB Engineering apprentices had the opportunity to represent the U.K. in the global World Skills competition, placing fourth in the world.

“Our people play a critical role in our sustainability efforts and we are extremely pleased to announce the winners of Crown’s 2015 Chairman’s Sustainability Awards,” said Thomas T. Fischer, Vice President Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs at Crown Holdings, Inc. “The projects spotlighted this year are all excellent examples of Crown’s focus on sustainability and also demonstrate our culture of continuous improvement.”

All the winners of this year’s Chairman’s Sustainability Awards will also be featured in Crown’s third Sustainability Report, which will be published in the fourth quarter of 2015. To learn more about Crown’s sustainability efforts around the world, visit

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