A Bagel in a Tin? Why Not?

New York Bakery Co. launches bagel promotion centered around custom metal lunch box
Light blue tin container with pictures of street signs, taxis, and buildings
Monday, January 21, 2019

Yardley, PA – January 21, 2019. When design agency 20Ten Creative approached Crown Aerosols & Promotional Packaging Europe to manufacture a custom tin for bagels, the Company welcomed the opportunity to expand its product portfolio to include this original application. As part of a recent promotional campaign for New York Bakery Co., consumers buying packs of bagel thins in Asda, Waitrose and Ocado across the U.K. and Ireland could enter a contest for a chance to win one of the 6,000 bespoke “lunch box” tins, designed to carry a single bagel.

At 122mm x 60mm, the tin is the ideal protective environment for a lunchtime treat, perfect to take to work or to pack the children off to school with. The funky containers are finished in matte blue and feature an array of “New York” themed images adorning the body and lid. A traditional yellow taxi taking a journey down 5th Avenue, New York City’s iconic edifices such as the Empire State and Chrysler buildings, shopping bags, trees the traditional “big apple” make up the quirky design. 

The lucky winners are not only gifted with a stylish lunch tin, but also one packed with the benefits that metal packaging brings to the table. Metal is 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable, meaning that unless kept for everyday use, the tin can enter into the recycling process over and over again without any loss of its properties. We predict, however, that these will be kept for many years to come, not only for their novelty but for providing a clever way to protect food while on-the-go. 

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