Celebrating the 360 End®

Crown's 360 End
Monday, August 17, 2015

This summer, we celebrate the 5th anniversary of Crown’s 360 End®, which was designed specifically to enhance consumers’ experience with their favorite beverages. Originally debuting in 2010 during the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, the 360 End® was adopted in China by Budweiser for its ‘gan bei’ can and then in North America by craft brewer Sly Fox. The unique solution is proving so popular with American craft brewers that demand for the 360 End® in the first quarter of 2015 was greater than for all of 2014 combined.

The 360 End is the world’s first beverage container that allows consumers to completely remove the lid off the can and experience the beverage’s full aroma. The solution is perfect for outdoor activities and sport events - instead of consumers needing to pour the beverage into a cup, the metal can becomes the cup itself, eliminating the need for additional drinking vessels.

At Crown, we pride ourselves that our innovations touch the lives of billions of people around the world every single day. We are always looking to enhance our solutions, as well as to pioneer new concepts, with the goal of designing unique products that respond directly to consumer needs and help our customers build their brands.

At the same time, it’s also important to give recognition to the technologies that have helped Crown shape the industry. Let’s raise a can to the 360 End®!