Metal Makes the Perfect Gift

Decorative Cans
Friday, May 19, 2017

Metal offers many unique attributes that make it ideal for promotional packaging and gifts. It offers great versatility in terms of shape, facilitating creative designs that make products easily pop off increasingly crowded retail shelves. From square and rectangular to seamless, octagonal and irregular shapes, Crown can translate even the most unusual concept into reality through metal packaging.

1. Eye-catching decoration

Brand owners can take brand differentiation up another notch with Crown’s extensive family of decorative options. In addition to encouraging greater consumer interaction with the package, these techniques can help brands more fully express their distinct personalities.

2. Exclusive opportunities to collaborate and create

Crown’s capabilities also extend to personalization, helping brands produce unique packaging opportunities, including limited edition collections. Support includes dedicated product, graphic design and consultancy services tailored to individual customers – from design and decoration to shape, prototyping and logistics.

3. The environmental impact

Sustainability credentials are a vital component of today’s packaging equation. Consumers are increasingly aware of their environmental impact and are actively seeking solutions that make a difference. Unlike many other packaging materials, metal is infinitely recyclable, meaning it loses none of its structural properties after recycling. This means that far less virgin material is needed to feed demand, creating what is called a circular economy.

Visit Crown Aerosols and Specialty Packaging Europe at this year’s Pack & Gift exhibition (June 21-22, 2017; Paris, France; Stand C19) to learn more about the value metal brings to promotional packaging.