Crown’s New Temperature Sensitive Inks Help Brands Improve Consumer Engagement

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Reveal, which uses temperature sensitive inks to engage consumers before, during and after beverage consumption, is an interactive technology developed by Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East’s in-house Design Studio team. Using specially developed inks, which have been formulated in partnership with Chromatic Technologies, Inc. (CTI), graphics can change to ‘reveal’ specific imagery and messaging as the cold product inside is consumed, fostering greater interaction between consumers and brands.

Crown’s in-house Design Studio - a one-stop-shop and center of excellence for customers in the EMEA region - works in partnership with brands to realize their visions in metal packaging. Reveal is a valuable tool in this armory, especially as a means to launch promotional campaigns or contests and to create differentiation on shelf.

Temperature sensitive inks, used creatively, can produce images that can "change" and allow messages to appear as the cold product inside the can is consumed. Crown’s European Design Studio supports reprographics and proofing of creative artwork and can work with brands to demonstrate how this new technology can be integrated into product marketing campaigns.