Time to Enable your Cookies

Square-shaped decorative food can with heart shapes on the sides.
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Biscuits. If there is a food item more synonymous with a treat, then we don’t know what it is. They are versatile, delicious and come in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes that there is literally something for everybody. A treat and inclusive – no wonder they have been given their very own National Day, which will be celebrated on May 29.

Bis Cotus is Latin for twice cooked and is thought to be the origin of the name biscuit – the process leading to the dried form the end product takes. The origin of biscuits is said to date back to Roman times. However, there have been many, many incarnations over the centuries that have led us to the sweet treats we enjoy today. Seafarers, in particular, made use of the biscuit as a dried form of sustenance that would keep for long periods of time on prolonged voyages.

Thankfully, we do not have to worry about such things today; and whether you are a devotee of the chocolate chip cookie or a fan of the Snickerdoodle, they can be enjoyed as a day-to-day sweet snack, as part of holiday festivities or given as premium gifts to friends and loved ones.

The history of packaging biscuits in tins dates back to Britain in the 19th century when, according to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, ‘the Licensed Grocer's Act of 1861 allowed groceries to be individually packaged and sold. This coincided with the removal of the duty on paper for printed labels. It was only a short step to the idea of printing directly on to tinplate. The new process of offset lithography, patented in 1877, allowed multicolored designs to be printed on to exotically shaped tins.’

Over the course of the last 150 years, the biscuit tin has evolved to include a vast array of shapes, sizes and decorative options. We have focused innovation efforts in many of these areas, helping our customers build their brands through striking metal packaging options that entice and delight consumers both in-store and via e-commerce platforms.

Biscuit brands looking for a crisp, clean premium look may benefit from seated end technology, which ensures a  decorative tin’s bottom curl is invisible when the promotional packaging is placed on a flat surface. Or perhaps an innovative shaping option would be perfect for your target demographic? In this instance, something special like the round to square tin may fit the bill. Tapering from square at the bottom to round at the top, the shape is sure to stand out on the shelf. Brand owners can also leverage a wide variety of decorative finishes. For example, embossing and debossing adds a tactile edge to tins, while a holographic finish will give products the ‘pop’ they need to stand out to consumers.

Whatever style, shape or size a brand chooses, metal packaging can help create a beautiful presentation for biscuits – be it on National Biscuit Day this May or beyond.