Crown's Aerosol Packaging Earns Weight Regulation Exemption and Helps Customers Enhance Sustainability

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Department of Transportation Permit Enables Crown to Ship Lighter Weight Aerosol Cans

Philadelphia, PA – June 14, 2012. CROWN Aerosol Packaging North America, a business unit of Crown Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCK) (Crown) (, has been issued a special permit exempting the company from Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations on the transportation of pressurized products. Crown is the only metal packaging supplier to have received this exemption, which is based on technology advances in lightweighting and double seaming, and helps the company’s customers enhance their own sustainability platforms thanks to overall resource reduction and weight savings, translating to decreased fuel costs during transportation.

The DOT standard, established in the 1960’s and part of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, specifies that metal used in aerosol cans needs to be a certain thickness for safe transportation. Since the regulation was established, several advances had been made in the manufacturing of aerosols, including increased welding quality, double seaming technology and downgauging, which significantly decreased container weight without sacrificing performance.

Based on these factors, Crown questioned the validity of the regulation and initiated extensive testing over a two year period to prove aerosol cans remained safe to transport even though they were considered under weight by DOT standards. The results were analyzed by the DOT and Crown was issued a landmark permit offering exemptions for a range of can sizes and weights.  Crown has also secured a similar exemption from Transport Canada, eliminating the need to sort cans based on destination prior to shipping to customers.

“As leaders in the metal packaging industry, we place a high priority on safety,” comments Andy Bolton, President, CROWN Aerosol Packaging North America. “But it was clear that this particular standard needed to be challenged, as it did not reflect the evolution of aerosol technology since the regulation was first established. We are pleased that the DOT has recognized that while today’s aerosol cans are lighter in weight, they still meet stringent safety requirements for transport.”


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