Several male-presenting people dressed in business suits smile towards the camera.
In September, Crown teamed with Ardagh Metal Packaging , the Can Manufacturers Institute and the International Aluminium Institute to host the first Global Aluminium Can Sustainability Summit , which took place in Rome, Italy. The Summit brought together over 100 global attendees from various parts of the aluminum supply chain, such as primary material suppliers, can sheet suppliers, packaging manufacturers...

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The cover for the Crown Sustainability Report press release.
YARDLEY, Pa. , Aug. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Crown Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCK) (Crown) ( ) has published its 2021 Sustainability Report to share progress against its dedicated Twenty by 30 sustainability strategy and other key environmental, social and governance (ESG) achievements during fiscal years 2019 through 2021. Launched in 2020, Crown's comprehensive Twenty by 30 program includes 20...

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A medium-dark skinned hand holds onto another dark-skinned hand, both of whom are off screen.

Crown Celebrates Sustainability Achievements From Across Its Global Network

Company’s latest Chairman’s Sustainability Awards recognize notable accomplishments in environmental sustainability, safety, community engagement and zero waste to landfill

Publish Date
Thursday, January 13, 2022
Yardley, PA – January 13, 2022. Crown Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: CCK) (Crown) ( ) has recognized several operations in its global network for making a substantial impact on the Company’s sustainability goals. The biennial Chairman’s Sustainability Awards program, which honored its first class of winners in 2013, celebrates the manufacturing facilities or operating divisions that have shown outstanding leadership...

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Young woman in a grocery store aisle looking at the label on a can of food

Stop Food Waste Day 

How Packaging Can Help Prevent Food Waste 

Publish Date
Wednesday, April 28, 2021
As we begin to think about life post-COVID, we have an opportunity to reflect on how the pandemic changed our lives. For many of us, there was an increased focus on healthy habits and a reality check on the impact that food waste is having on our planet. Stop Food Waste Day on April 28 is a great reminder of...

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Your Definition of Waste

Publish Date
Friday, November 13, 2020
Is packaging wasted? Well, certainly, some packaging is. But it depends upon your definition of waste. If a metal can is placed into the general waste stream, for example, then yes, it is wasted. If it enters into the recycling stream, then perhaps the consumer sees it as a waste product sent for recycling, but the item itself is far from wasted.

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image of girl pouring can contents into a stockpot

Combating Food Waste During the Product Development Phase

Publish Date
Wednesday, October 7, 2020
In this blog post, we look at how working with your packaging provider early in the product development process can help combat food waste. If food waste were represented as a standalone country, it would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases globally after China and the U.S.1This statistic may not be well-known, but it is one we are keenly...

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Whitepaper cover, food cans, Crown: Brand-Building Packaging

Food Waste: Turning a Challenge into an Opportunity

Whitepaper 2020

Publish Date
Tuesday, September 29, 2020
According to the United Nations Environment Programme, one-third of all of the food produced in the world each year — more than 1.3 billion metric tons — is wasted, representing 3.3 billion metric tons in annual carbon dioxide emissions. Here, we take an in depth look at the challenges surrounding the issue of food waste and how metal packaging can...

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Image of a can of tomatoes and corn on the kitchen counter

Myths vs. Facts: Canned Food Edition

Publish Date
Thursday, March 12, 2020
The can is a convenient, accessible and affordable solution for consumers seeking quick, nutritious and high-quality food options. They are also environmentally-friendly , help reduce food waste and fuel the economy. To shed light on metal cans and their attributes, we are debunking some common myths about this popular food packaging format: Myth: Food cans are only available in a...

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Woman in the kitchen cooking

Full of Beans!

Publish Date
Wednesday, July 3, 2019
Astonishingly, there are approximately 40,000 varieties of bean in the world, and they are as important a source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals today as they have been for centuries. The common bean – or Phaseolus Vulgaris L. to give it its Latin name – is widely recognized to have originated from two separate ecogeographical areas, namely Mesoamerica and...

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Square-shaped decorative food can with heart shapes on the sides.

Time to Enable your Cookies

Publish Date
Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Biscuits. If there is a food item more synonymous with a treat, then we don’t know what it is. They are versatile, delicious and come in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes that there is literally something for everybody. A treat and inclusive – no wonder they have been given their very own National Day, which will be...

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Silver is the New Green

Silver is the New Green: Cans Lead the Way in Green Packaging

Publish Date
Wednesday, January 9, 2019
Consumer perception of the metal can is very positive. Canned food and beverages are a time-tested and highly dependable method of safely and efficiently packaging the products consumed daily. Cans stack easily on store shelves, fit neatly into refrigerators, are easy to store, chill quickly and stay cold longer. The can also possesses some unique environmental advantages of which many...

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Garbanzo beans in clear containers on a while table cloth

Celebrating World Vegan Month 

Publish Date
Wednesday, December 19, 2018
In recent years, the veganism movement has spiked globally. In the U.K., people are now eating 50% less beef, in Portugal, 60,000 people identify as vegan and in the U.S., there were as many searches for vegan Thanksgiving recipes in 2018 as there were for traditional turkey meals. To commemorate this rising ideology, World Vegan Month takes place every November...

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A can of whole peeled tomatoes and corn on a wooden cutting board and white plates.

Nutrition in Canned Foods

Here’s to a Happy (and Healthy) Holiday Season

Publish Date
Tuesday, November 27, 2018
From candy galore on Halloween to feast-like spreads on Christmas, the holiday season is full of indulgence. This year, we’re getting a head start on our New Year’s resolutions to combat the all too common side effects of excess food consumption—and we’re taking you with us! According to the USDA MyPlate program, a healthy meal consists of fruits, vegetables, grains...

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Corned Beef Can Unopened

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with Cans!

Publish Date
Friday, March 16, 2018
This year, the annual holiday that is widely associated with the color green, falls on Saturday, March 17th. What started as a religious feast day in the 17th century to observe the death of Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick, has since transformed into a worldwide celebration, filled with unique foods and beverages. Corned beef and cabbage are one of the...

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canned salmon and vegetables

Let's Celebrate National Canned Food Month!

Publish Date
Friday, February 16, 2018
February marks National Canned Food Month. If this is news to you, don’t fret: there are many ways you can still celebrate! Check out a few of our recommendations: Take an inventory of your pantry Metal food cans are recognized for their unrivaled ability to extend a product’s shelf life, as they are hermetically sealed to prevent contamination from unwanted...

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Pumpkin Pie

As Easy as Pie!

Publish Date
Monday, November 20, 2017
Families across the United States have varying traditions when it comes to the food they serve for the holidays. However, pumpkin pie is, without a doubt, synonymous with Thanksgiving. In fact, around 50 million pumpkin pies are consumed each Thanksgiving. 1 Canned pumpkin is an ideal, time-saving option to create this delicious dessert. Along with pumpkin pie, canned pumpkin can...

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A CAN-tastic Fourth!

Publish Date
Friday, June 30, 2017
Each year, the United States commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th. Over the years, the holiday has become an opportunity for Americans to celebrate the country’s independence in a variety of ways. Many choose to hit the beach, barbeque or even have a picnic. Retailers and consumer goods manufacturers see spikes in sales in categories...

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Child in Kitchen with cans

A Recipe for Health

Publish Date
Friday, June 16, 2017
Vegetables come in an array of shapes, sizes and colors. Sautéed, steamed, boiled or braised, they can also be prepared in a variety of ways, providing consumers with countless meal options. The true value in vegetables, however, lies in their nutrition. Low in fat, cholesterol, and calories, while remaining abundant in nutrients, a diet rich in vegetables may help reduce...

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