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Working Together

Our employees are the backbone of our success.

That is why we have taken numerous steps to protect the safety, health and welfare of our team members around the world. With an aspirational goal to assure we cause no harm to our people, we have made our Total Safety Culture an integral part of our operating philosophy. This approach is built into every one of our processes, procedures and systems and into the attitudes and values of every employee.

We also view a diverse and inclusive workforce as critical to our future business success. We know that drawing from diverse backgrounds and points of view fosters innovation and creativity, enhancing the products and services we can offer to customers and setting new industry standards. Diverse experiences also help create resilient organizations with stronger governance and problem-solving skills. Research has also shown that diverse organizations outperform those that do not invest in diversity and that employees consider societal impact as the number one indicator of success for their organization, underscoring the importance of encouraging active employee engagement in corporate sustainability initiatives.

Our Goals

We are committed to nurturing a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace where new ideas and innovative thinking are encouraged and rewarded. Based on these priorities, we have established the following social goals for the program:


Reduce our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) by 20% by 2025.


Continuously encourage, inform and empower every employee to be an active participant in Crown’s Sustainability Program, creating meaningful connections between their daily tasks, their personal lives and the impact they can make in the environment and society.


Evolve toward a more employee-centric organization where Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) awareness is embedded in the organizational culture, allowing our people to be authentic at work. Encourage our top management to be D&I role models as a source of inspiration for all.

Accelerating Action

We will continue to elevate our safety and diversity standards and practices, along with our focus on building an engaging work environment. Prioritizing these aspects of the business not only attracts the best and brightest talent but supports our employees so they can be their authentic selves, do their best work and empower them to be part of the progress made in their environments and communities. To achieve these goals, we will:

Reduce TRIR Rate

  • Reinvigorate our Safety Awareness for Employees (SAFE) program, which has helped significantly reduce injuries across our operations. 
  • Monitor and measure continuous safety improvement by expanding the use of a balanced safety scorecard that includes lagging and leading indicators to our global operations.
  • Implement a comprehensive Severe Injury and Fatality (S.I.F.) mitigation program.
  • Utilize the Management of Change (MOC) process as a best practice to implement rigorous non-routine pre-job planning and analysis, ensuring that risks are carefully evaluated and controlled for non-routine tasks. 

Foster Employee Engagement in Sustainability

  • Build employees’ sustainability knowledge and competence through education and training. This includes making sustainability materials available during the recruitment and onboarding processes.
  • Create systems and processes that facilitate the integration of sustainability into the day-to-day decisions made by employees. 
  • Collaborate with employees to deploy sustainability best practices that match their areas of interest.
  • Create opportunities for employees to be Sustainability Champions at work and in their communities and earn rewards and recognition. This includes incentivizing skills-based volunteering.
  • Form Green Teams to help improve the workspace, create efficiencies and advance implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Create a Culture of Diversity & Inclusion

  • Deploy new diversity and inclusion workshops and training addressing unconscious bias, the gender gap, women in leadership roles and other topics.
  • Recognize D&I best practices that are implemented in our facilities.
  • Update our recruitment and onboarding processes, helping us be the employer of choice for existing and future employees. This includes developing regional approaches to attract and develop talents among minorities and women.
  • Review all current policies, practices and procedures to identify gaps and issue new guidance as needed.
  • Promote a positive work environment, free from harassment and bullying in all our locations.
  • Establish D&I committees in each of the Company’s Divisions.

Progress in Practice

Twentyby30 Charitable Giving Program

We established our Twentyby30 Charitable Giving program in 2021 to support organizations and charities in the local communities in which we operate. The organizations we donate to are nominated by employees across our global operations and often represent meaningful personal connections. We are proud to be an employer that supports our employees by helping the people and places that they care about most and to help fund projects that might otherwise not be possible.

Read more about the Twentyby30 Charitable Giving program here.

Best Practices Program

As part of our commitment to accelerate sustainability, we actively call on our employees to create and share best practices and project efforts that improve efficiencies and processes that can yield benefits to our customers worldwide. Learn more about the program here.

Supporting Women at Crown to Reach Their Full Potential

At Crown, we believe Diversity and Inclusion are critical to our business success. We strive to create an environment where every individual within the Company has the opportunity to fulfill their full potential. In an effort to reach parity, we are committed to providing flexibility, support and creating opportunities for everyone, especially women across the world. Discover our continuing video series highlighting the inspirational stories of women working at Crown.

Taking Employee Health to Heart in Thailand

Employee well-being is prioritized in our Transit Packaging facility in Sriracha, Thailand with programs that support breastfeeding and annual health checkups. The plant has won numerous external awards, including an Employee Relations Excellence at Provincial Level award in 2018 from the Thai Department of Labour Protection and Welfare and an Environment and Safety Governance Award for work in the local community.

Portugal Plant Advances the Conversation on Safety

Our food can plant in Alcochete, Portugal created "The Taste of Safety," a recurring lunchtime forum in which production line employees, an area manager and an EHS manager convene to examine internal safety measures and discuss potential areas for improvement. The meetings, which invite workers to share ideas and collaborate, have cultivated greater employee engagement and accountability in Crown's Total Safety Culture and have ultimately helped to lower the facility's rate of total recordable cases.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly announced 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to address global challenges and set a blueprint for action to achieve the goals by 2030.  

Our sustainability priorities are aligned with the SDGs so that our actions can contribute to a greater collective impact. Learn more about our alignment with each goal.

  • 03 Good Health and Well-Being
  • 05 Gender Equality
  • 08 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 10 Reduced Inequalities
  • 12 Responsible Consumption and Production
  • 13 Climate Action
  • 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

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