Helping Dry Shampoo to Shine

Aerosol can packaging for Batiste's dry shampoo

Batiste is the leading dry shampoo brand in the U.K., and its aerosol products are now being exported to countries across the globe. When U.S.-based Church & Dwight acquired the brand, they turned to Crown to help revamp the Batiste line of aerosol packaging with designs that continued to stand out from competitors in the retail space.

Each of the products in the Batiste range has a uniquely British and quirky identity. Our team worked closely with Church & Dwight’s design agency to develop the right colors for the new packaging. On Batiste’s premium range, for example, we used a shimmering sparkle base coat in addition to silver caps on the cans. We also added alternating blocks of opaque and translucent inks to the sparkle base coat. The result is aerosol packaging that draws consumer attention in stores while also reflecting the benefits the premium products offers.

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