Beverage Packaging: Adding the Finishing Touch

Examples Crown beverage can finishes
Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Today’s consumer faces an abundance of beverage options, with an array of flavors, portion sizes and selling points calling out from the shelf. To rise above the fray and secure a place in consumers’ shopping carts (whether physical or virtual), brands must design their products to make a meaningful first impression. Having an understanding of the distinctive decorative techniques that are possible for beverage cans is crucial in creating package designs that keep products from fading into the background.

Making Cans Pop! 

Beverages may be all about taste, but consumers always shop with their eyes and hands first. The right decoration option will stimulate these senses and create a well-rounded experience for the customer. Using a multi-dimensional tactile effect, for example, can provide added interest for the consumer, who will be encouraged to pick up the package and run their fingers over the surface to determine whether the can feels as textured as it looks. Our Emprint™ finish delivers this visual and physical effect, using a light-refracting, “micro-embossed” texture that creates a premium tactile feel suitable for custom grip designs. Similarly, our TactileEdge™ yields an extremely defined surface texture to support intricate graphic details.

Finishes, like mirror gloss, matte and sparkle also provide eye-catching intrigue. Applying a matte finish to a beverage can add an unexpected, modern touch to an “everyday” product, while injecting shimmer into a varnish can help a product capture the light and, as a result, consumer attention.

Packaging that Performs

The most successful packaging does more than just capture the attention of consumers – it also serves as the platform to build connections with buyers. With new technologies in interactive inks that engage consumers throughout the entire consumption process, brands may find themselves a step closer to customer loyalty in just one use.

Our Reveal™ inks, for example, are temperature-sensitive and “uncover” hidden imagery and messaging as the beverage is consumed out of the can. Our Reactinks™ technology takes this consumer engagement a step further. With multiple hues blended into one dynamic ink, the finish responds to heat and light as well as cold and shade, changing colors based on consumption level, touch, setting and more. Adding these elements of surprise to the drinking experience can leave a lasting impression with the consumer far after the can is empty.

While the addition of decorative enhancements is exciting, it is important for beverage brands not to lose sight of the bigger picture, which is creating a product that resonates with consumers. Our teams at our beverage graphics studios in Leicester, U.K., Dubai and our newest location in Ambler, PA can provide guidance on the right finishes and techniques to support the rollout of new packaging. Their expertise can enable brands to make strategic decisions that may result in more successful product debuts and stronger foundations for long-lasting consumer relationships.