Ballygowan Sparkling Raspberry Aluminum Can

Crown partnered with Ballygowan on the launch of its “Sparklingly Fruity” range of Sparkling Irish Water Drinks in Ireland.  The cool white aluminum cans are decorated using the our bespoke High Quality Print™ (HQP) technology, making each can jump off the shelf.

Ballygowan Sparklingly Fruity is a refreshingly different drink containing lightly sparkling Ballygowan Water infused with carefully chosen fruit combinations.  Gently sweetened with stevia leaf extract, each can of Ballygowan Sparklingly Fruity is naturally low in calories and sugar. Available in three flavors – raspberry & blackberry, apple, elderflower & lemon and lemon & mint – the Sparklingly Fruity range features crisp, vivid images of delicious fruits depicting the beverage flavor. Providing a large printable surface area, the can serves as a 360-degree billboard for Ballygowan to convey its brand image and achieve maximum consumer impact - a unique feature of cans as a packaging format.