Paving the Way for Organique

Organique can for Brasil Beverages

Organique, manufactured by Brasil Beverages, is the first organic energy drink in Brazil and one of only three in the world. Early in development, the company reached out to Crown to explore the creation of an eye-catching and environmentally-friendly beverage package for the new brand.

Before starting any packaging-specific discussions, we helped the company further refine its business plan by providing insight into the energy drinks segment in Brazil and around the world. The company also sought our expertise on how to translate its original design onto metal packaging.

In addition to accommodating the color differences, the images needed to transition from a two-dimensional design concept to the three dimensions required for the curved surface of the beverage can. To accomplish this, we first separated the colors so our team could easily identify each color used to create the design. The next step was determining whether a single layer of ink would achieve the same hue when printed on aluminum or whether the layers would need to be blended to achieve a similar result.

The final design consists of a black, matte body while the neck of the aluminum can is printed in shades moving in a gradient from pink to purple. Front and center on the can body is the brand’s large “O” logo, which is comprised of multiple leaf shapes outlined in pink. A single solid leaf, also shifting from pink to purple, serves as an accent on the top right hand corner.

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